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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The iPorn

With all the hype on Apple's new iPad, and the success of the iPhone, we shouldn't forget about their OTHER products that didn't quite pan out. Remember this info-mercial?

Want to watch porn, but don't feel like rubbing one out while clicking a mouse at the same time? Tired on getting into a good pull only to knock over you Costco supply of motion lotion? Well now you CAN. The new iPorn let's you play penial piano without the hassle. Voice commands so you don't have to touch the computer and risk getting lube stuck in the keyboard. The iPorn also will find your favorite porn star on Porncast and becomes a fan of hers- Automatically. (Cutscene of a guy saying WOW). Also, as an extra add on - Vibration mode that automatically goes on when you start grunting and groaning. But I know what your thinking? Mike how much am I going to pay for all of this? Well your not going to pay $400 or even $300. Not even $200 or $150, but just 3 easy payments of $45 and let the whack-a-pole begin. And if you act now we'll throw in the Sham Wow, for those big messes, for FREE. A $20 value which is yours for FREE.

Announcer Disclaimer:
California residents please add sales tax. Not available in all states, and illegal in 7 of them.