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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome to Mike Garb's Blog

Hello Friends and Fans, and welcome to my blog. Let me start off and tell you a little about me. I'm a stand up comedian from Connecticut, who is looking to make it in the rough business of comedy. I have been telling jokes and honing my craft for the past 3 years and have found some success. I have performed with such talents as Rich Vos (from the O & A Show), Rick Shapiro (he was Uncle Jerry on HBO sitcom Lucky Louie), Lisa Landry (as seen on Comedy Central), Ted Alexandro (as seen on Comedy Central), as well as countless others. I decided to start a blog to show what it is like for a struggling comedian who is starting out in the business. A lot of documentaries show the road life of comedians who are already famous, or who already have made it big. I want the fans to see what it is really like. The trials and tribulations of a comedian, and how difficult comedy really is. It's one thing to tell jokes to your friends, but it is not as easy to tell jokes on stage to people you have never met. If comedy was as easy as fans think, then everyone would tell jokes for a living. I also started a blog to just write some funny things for you to read, and for me to pick up fans along the way. If you like anything you read you can see more of me at my website, I have video clips, pictures, as well as a list of my upcoming shows. You can also follow me on twitter and facebook under Mike Garb. Thanks for all of your support!!

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