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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Marley and Me Makes Men Cry!!

So I just wrapped up another exciting email with my 'Lunch Crew' buddies, LC for short. The reason we call ourselves this, is we all used to go to lunch together while working at the same company. I don't want to come out and publicly say what crappy company it is, but it believes HEALTHCARE should be UNITED. Hold on while I take a quick call from my legal representation...
Ok, I'm back. This is the time of year the LC talks mostly about the fantasy football league we all created, and any other crazy topic we can come up with. Today we learned most of us, and I mean those who possess a heart, teared up during Marley and Me. You probably are asking; Why would you admit this? Why did you rent this? and Did you just admit to watching an Owen Wilson movie? The answers are simple. Denial is the first step to recovering from this travesty; Because Netflix didn't send me my first pick - The Proposal; and don't forget You, Me, and Dupree.
Most of the LC admitted to shedding a tear or two, and it's the typical man way of tearing. You pretend to yawn a bunch of times to stop yourself from bursting out and screaming "WHHHHYYYYY MARLEY, HE'S JUST A DOG." The ones who didn't admit to crying during the movie, did later sob quietly in the corner of their shower muttering "it's ok Marley, you're in a better place now." Well...maybe that's now how it happened, but they had to cry at some point. Right? When I think back on the movie now I still cry, and not because Marley died in the end. Try explaining to everyone that an Owen Wilson made you cry...(single tear).
I would like to that the LC for giving me the material and inspiration to write this blog. I'd like to say permission, but they won't know I wrote this until after I publish. The LC claims they read my blogs, so let's just call this a test for them. Be sure to go to for a list of my upcoming shows, pictures and videos of me. Also, tune in to my next blog called "Meet The LC"

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